Shared plate dining, which is also sometimes referred to as small plates in restaurants has become increasingly popular throughout the nation. The idea of sharing small plates captured the attention of the millennials, who crave more and more customization in their dining experience. Shared plates can be defined as somewhere in between an appetizer and an entree. It’s not exactly the main course, but it also isn’t a starter meal.

At Bistro 750, we encourage our guests to dive into our tapas and shared plate menu because the actual sharing of food connects couples and groups alike. When food is passed around or back and forth, it provides everyone with the opportunity for real conversation and a chance to taste everything our restaurant has to offer. Here are our reasons why we think shared plate dining is better than the traditional dining experience.

Indulgent and Slow Paced

A traditional three-course meal is very linear and organized, consisting of appetizers followed by an entree, then dessert. The service style of small plates is much different, mixing and matching food selections, unique to the customer’s taste. Instead of stuffing your face with an individualized meal, small plates give everyone a chance to try something new.

Creates Togetherness

The actual passing around of food creates a real social environment, evoking conversation between family and friends versus everyone’s head down in their phones. Shared plate dining provides an experience and a non-committal atmosphere. With every small plate, a story follows, and you never have to be locked into a single entree again.

Portion Control

It’s in the name – small plates. For those who want to be healthier and go out to eat at the same time, shared plates are perfect. A typical entree can pack over 1,000 calories, and the serving size is much bigger than what we should be eating in one sitting. With small plates, the portions are just right, because you are in control of how much you are eating.

Bistro 750 offers a high-end casual dining experience with menu options including brunch specials, shared plates, dinner entrees and refreshing cocktails. Located right in the heart of Boystown, Chicago, our friendly staff invites you to our new Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine menu. Reservations are encouraged, and we hope you see you soon!