Are you in the midst of planning a private party or event? If you need to find the perfect venue, consider Bistro 750. The dining experience at this restaurant is unique because each dish is thoughtfully created using only the freshest ingredients at the peak of each season. If your ideal party includes a French bistro menu in Boystown, then Bistro 750 will not disappoint. In fact, it stands out among the many restaurants in downtown Chicago because of its delicious food and superior customer service.

Why choose Bistro 750?

For starters, your guests will have the chance to sample some of the finest Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in all of Chicago. At Bistro 750, our shared plate dining options feature classically-designed menu starters like breaded beer cheese with red pepper jam and honey or German knockwurst with Michigan apple butter. Entrees include seared branzino, thick-cut ribeye steak, or even hand-cut tagliatelle Bolognese, just to name a few.

What makes us unique?

In addition to our delicious menu options, we also provide customer service that’s incomparable. Our staff will take the time to guide your guests through the menu, making helpful suggestions when necessary. We always take the extra step to ensure that everyone at your table is enjoying their food and that you, as the host or hostess, are satisfied with the presentation. Since our team truly takes pride in our menu crafting techniques and our traditional preparations, we’re sure that your party will be a success.

When can you book a party?

At Bistro 750, we are always happy to book reservations. Even during our busiest seasons, we work hard to make sure that a table is always open for special events and parties. We encourage you to plan your special lunch or dinner at our Chicago location and consider us for other occasions, like a date night restaurant in Boystown. Bring in that special someone for a sampling of our delicious appetizers and main dishes, then top it off with a cannoli, a stuffed baked apple or even our x-rated affogato. We also have an amazing cocktail menu, too!

At Bistro 750, you’re sure to be impressed with all that we have to offer. Call us at 773-857-0978!