How many times has this happened to you: you’re out to dinner at a new restaurant, and no matter how many times you look over the menu, you just can’t decide what to order. When everything looks so good, it can be hard to make a decision – and even then, you might still be thinking about the plate that you decided against! Shared plate dining solves this problem by allowing you to order multiple menu items and get a taste of each one – along with everyone else at the table.

Plate sharing is also the perfect way to help encourage your children to taste and try new foods. If you’ve been meaning to try items from one of the best New American menus in Chicago, taking your family to Bistro 750 and testing out their shareable plates isn’t just a tasty way to try new food – it’s also a great way to open a conversation with your family about the importance of being open to new experiences. As a parent, it can be tough to encourage kids to step outside of their comfort zones and learn that taking risks is a good thing – and a Bistro 750 plate sharing session at your next family dinner is the perfect way!

Got a babysitter for the evening? Plate sharing also makes a fun and exciting date night away from the kids. If you’re looking for something different, Bistro 750’s plate sharing options make this hot spot the ideal date night restaurant in Chicago. Many couples looking for an interesting and different date night like to order a variety of smaller plates, and compare them to see which ones were their most and least favorites. Topped off with a cocktail, a plate sharing dinner is the perfect date night to get you and your significant other out of a rut!

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