Family, home, and love, local artist Maureen Claffy celebrates life through the stroke of a paintbrush, as a reminder that there is beauty in every moment, even our darkest ones. A true inspiration to those around her, Maureen’s uplifting and colorful artwork has found its way onto the walls of Bistro 750.

Bistro 750, a casual upscale restaurant near Wrigleyville that offers a delicious dinner menu and much more, is proud to support the city of Chicago’s local artists for a number of reasons. Aside from the sentimental reason each piece carries with it, and the unique and intriguing presence it brings to our restaurant, it is important to us to be a part of our community and support those around us.


It doesn’t get much better than purchasing and displaying an original piece of artwork from the hands of a local artist. You feel a sense of pride and have also made a sound investment in a one-of-a-kind piece of work that cannot be bought in stores.

Community Support

Like we’ve previously stated, buying local is a huge support to the community. Studies have shown that buying locally shows a positive impact on a city’s economics, keeping the profits in town, supporting the community’s financial base. What’s more, some local artists will only use eco-friendly materials, which in turn helps the community’s environment.


Not only is buying local art affordable, but it’s also very philanthropic. Some of these artists are just looking to grow their visibility and promote their work, so by purchasing locally, you are giving these artists the ability to grow, as well as picking up a nice investment yourself. Remember, art will only increase in value over time.

Space Enhancer
Although there are very few motives for purchasing artwork, buying to display is usually the number one reason. Once you find a local artist’s work that you really connect with, displaying their pieces will only add to your space’s personal identity and character.

Bistro 750 proudly supports its local community and its artists. Next time you are in Chicago, looking for a date night restaurant, be sure to stop into Bistro 750 to view local artist Maureen Claffy’s beautiful pieces throughout our upbeat eatery!