Each year, you scramble to find something to give your father, husband, or brother on his big day, but dads never seem to want much. This year, don’t fret. Keep it simple and give back to dad in a special way. Here are a few ideas we think are worthy of the man who means so much to you:

1. Fun In The Water

Is your dad an avid fisher, frequently taking day trips on the water? No need for fancy and extravagant plans because he will love a day doing only things that he enjoys. Hit up his favorite fishing spot or load up the boat because this will be a Father’s Day that he’ll appreciate for a lifetime. Head on over to the Chicago Park District or the Chicago Lakefront Trail for these activities.

2. Golfing Trip

This is for the golfer dad. Is he always hitting the golf courses? If this is his favorite pastime, swing on over to your local golf course and hit some holes with him. Popular golfing spots in Chicago include Diversey Driving Range, Robert A. Black Golf Course, and Harborside International Golf Center.

3. A Movie With Dad

Take your dad to the theaters on June 17 to watch an upcoming summer blockbuster film. This Father’s Day, you can watch an animated film with the kiddies or a more adult movie with mom.

4. Bowling

Bowling is always a fun pastime. The whole family can join in and get pumped to get a couple of strikes. You can even let him win as an added bonus. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

5. Some Good Bites

What’s your father’s favorite dish? Is it Chinese, Mexican or Jamaican? There are countless places throughout Chicago to sit down and get a good dish. Does he have an expansive palette for cuisine from France, Italy or Spain? Then he’s a Mediterranean food kind of man. In that case, head on over to your local bistro restaurant in Lakeview. At Bistro 750, we have something here for every dad. A Father’s Day meal he’ll never forget with dishes packed with flavor, a seasonal cocktail menu, and a unique dining experience.

So remember, this year keep it simple and do things you know he’ll love, whether it’s a day on the water, hitting the golf course, or dining at a bistro style restaurant in Chicago. Reserve a Father’s Day table by giving us a call at 773-857-0978.