Low in saturated fat and high in dietary fiber, Mediterranean cuisine might be one of the healthiest diets around today. A traditional Mediterranean diet consists of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, a limited amount of red meat, a daily glass of wine, plenty of olive oil, and many more delicious food options. There’s a reason why those who live in the Mediterranean region are so full of life, happy, and healthy – it’s in the food!

We know for some people going out to eat means over-indulging, eating entrees that are triple the size of an at-home meal, and feeling really guilty by the end of the night by their food choices. At Bistro 750, you can enjoy our delicious Mediterranean-inspired menus, made with only the freshest ingredients, for guilt-free bistro dining in Chicago.

Did you know these key health benefits of a Mediterranean diet?

Aids in Preventing Diabetes

Mediterranean cuisine is low in sugar, with the only sugar present in the diet coming from fresh fruits, wine, and select dessert foods. A Mediterranean diet consists of fatty acids, quality protein, and low sugar carbs, which in turn regulates blood sugar levels.

Wards Off Heart Disease

Rich in monounsaturated fats and omega-3s, a Mediterranean diet significantly reduces the chance of developing heart disease. Olive oil, a huge proponent within this diet containing healthy fatty acids, has also been proven to lower hypertension and keeping the arteries open and free of clogs.

Healthy Form of Weight Loss

People have the unrealistic expectation that if they greatly reduce their food consumption the pounds will just fly off. This leaves them irritable and essentially, starving. The Mediterranean diet does a great job of keeping the belly full, without adding extra pounds. It’s focus on healthy fats, low carbohydrate intake, and high-quality proteins attribute to its weight loss secret.

Are you ready looking to improve your overall health, while also indulging in fresh, delicious Mediterranean cuisine? Our seasonal menus showcase different regional cuisines throughout Spain, France, and Italy for the best bistro dining in Boystown. Call us today to make a reservation at 773-857-0978!